Peacock Wallpaper Paris French letter butterfly stamp

Peacock Wallpaper Paris French letter butterfly stamp

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A peacock wallpaper. A peacock wallpaper with French letters and stamps, and Paris in script. This is an amazing wallpaper!

Tulips and roses bloom from a large branch that flows diagonally downward across the wallpaper. Peacocks perch on it, their gorgeous tails hanging down. Interspersed in the spaces between them are scrolling architectural elements, punctuated by a single tail feather, French postmarks, English stamps, and writing. Flowers and birds give gorgeous colors, and the script and postage marks and stamps give depth and interest to the pattern.

Colors use are teal blue, aqua, dark brick red, red orange, orange, orange, and lemon with charcoal, grey and cream. There has been blending and over-printing so many colors are seen. The effect from a distance is of vivid colors of blue, green, red, orange, yellow, carmel, and beige with grey and black on cream.

Scale of Item

The peacock is 26" tall



  • Roll: 32’ 6” L x 26-2/3” W
  • Repeat: 18-1/2" Vertical
  • Covers 72 square feet

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