About Babs

Swanky Babs : An au courant collection of Barbara's favorite patterns, re-imagined as wallpaper.

Selected by Barbara. Produced in Europe. Expressed in your home.

Why wallpaper?

When I was in college, I used to visit my cousins, aunt, and uncle during vacations, as it was too far to go home. I stayed on the third, attic floor. There was this really nice bedroom and bathroom, far from the madding crowd. It was a far cry from my room at home and the dorm room at school.

While the bedroom had a floral wallpaper, very feminine and pretty, the bathroom had a wallpapered floor! It had pattern of violets, and was like walking through a grassy area filled with them! I loved it. 

 So, fast forward to today. For twenty years I have been dealing with fabric patterns. Small, large, novelty, floral, bright, pastel; over the years I have seen a LOT of patterns. A pattern can set a mood. A pattern can give not only a room, but a person’s day, a lift.

I think one should choose a paper because it does something for one. Maybe one needs something cheerful, maybe one needs to be reminded of a vacation one had, or one to come. Whatever it is, one should come home from a hard day at work, look at the wall that has been papered, and feel better. It can and should lift one’s spirit.

Back in the attic room, it could be sleeting outside, but inside, with a floor covered in violets, it was spring. 

And that is what wallpaper can do. One can surround oneself with an idea, with a dream, with , well, with whatever. That is the beauty of wallpaper.