Scandinavian Wallpaper retro modern graphic bird leaves

Scandinavian Wallpaper retro modern graphic bird leaves

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Birds, flowers, leaves, come together on this retro modern graphic Scandinavian pattern. And it has a few surprises!

A nuthatch creeps down a branch surrounded by a swirl of leaves and stylized flowers. Two other birds are nearby, as well as a bumble bee, a large blue moth, and an almost hidden grasshopper! Bold, graphic, this has a unique charm. It is a bright and busy print!

Strawberry pink, deep cranberry, lilac, grape, deep blue, turquoise, powder blue, avocado, deep olive, tan, and tones of grey are accented by black. The background is white. Colors have been layered and stippled, so many other tones are seen. The effect from a distance is of turquoise and strawberry with purple, avocado, tan, and grey, with black on a background of white with the pale blue patches.


Scale of Item
The nuthatch is 5 3/4"  from the tip of the beak to the end of his tail; the large blue oak leaf is about 6 1/8" long, measuring the colored part.



  • Roll: 32’ 6” L x 26-2/3” W
  • Repeat: 18-2/3" vertical 
  • Covers 72 square feet

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