Monkey Wallpaper tropical jungle

Monkey Wallpaper tropical jungle

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A monkey wallpaper. A tropical jungle monkey pattern. For those that love the whimsical!

A troop of monkeys, dressed in colorful clothing, stops for a moment in their tropical jungle home. Filled with leafy plants, one curiously examines a flower, while the others are going after ripe fruit.

Colors are many shades of jungle green and brown with mustard, gold, and yellow, red, salmon, and purple. There has been over-printing, so many colors are seen. The background is beige. The effect is of jungle greens with shades of brown, mustard, golds, yellow, red, salmon, and purple, on beige.


Scale of Item
The monkey in the mustard pants, reaching downward is about 8" ( 20.32 cm. ) long and about 6 1/2" ( 16.51 cm. ) high, measuring along the wallpaper.



  • Roll: 32’ 6” L x 26-2/3” W
  • Repeat: 24-2/5" Vertical
  • Covers 72 square feet

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