Nautical lighthouse Wallpaper vintage postcard French writing

Nautical lighthouse Wallpaper vintage postcard French writing

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A lighthouse wallpaper. A nautical lighthouse keeper's pattern with vintage French postcards. There are also, starfish, seahorses, coral, knots, and compass roses. One can almost smell the salt air!

Framed picture of lighthouses and starfish and a seahorse, have been superimposed with French and English writing from letters and ship's logs. Post marks from around the globe, rope work, shells, coral, compass roses, a ship's wheel, and a naval outfitter's insignia. There is a lot happening on this wallpaper. But it is presented in such an orderly fashion, that it seems interesting, subtle, rather than busy.

The colors used are black, charcoal, deep navy, bright mid-blue, bright sky blue, taupe, and beige. The background is cream. The colors have been layered, so many shades are seen. The effect from a distance is of vintage pictures done in light beige, light taupe, and grey, with other items in shades of blue, and writing in blue and black on cream. The effect is of neutrals with shades of blue and the black lettering.


Scale of Item
The framed pictures are just under 11" ( 27.94 cm. ) tall and just under 8" ( 20.32 cm. ) across.



  • Roll: 32’ 6” L x 26-2/3” W
  • Repeat: 24-2/3" Vertical
  • Covers 72 square feet

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